TIP #125 1099

TIP #125 1099

If you're an independent contractor, you'll get full pay with no deductions but are liable for your own taxes. You'll receive an IRS form 1099 stating your income for the year.

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      Inheritance it is not taxable and it is not reported on your tax return, However if you receive any kind of interest, dividends or rents on that income then it is taxable
    • TIP 123 student deduction

      Taxpayers who were students during the year can deduct up to $4,000 from income for tuition and fees paid to qualifying institution by using the form 8917.
    • TIP #105 File electronically

      Always file return Electronically.
    • TIP #108 International students

      International students may have to file both federal and state return if they have taxable income. 
    • TIP #103 ITIN Application

      To apply for an ITIN, applicants must fill out a W-7 application form.