What happens if I don’t file by April 15?

What happens if I don’t file by April 15?

- The IRS charges two different kinds of late fees: failure-to-file and failure-to-pay penalties. Failure-to-file is 5% of unpaid taxes per month, while Failure-to-pay is 0.5 of 1% per month. If you miss the April 15 due date, you won’t go to jail, but you might be charged some late fees. If you’re due a refund, April 15 is not much of a deadline at all. Penalties for filing late federal tax returns apply to people who owe money. If you owe nothing, 5% of nothing is… nothing! However, it does not make any sense to file late if you are owed a refund. Why won’t you like to get your refund early right? On the other hand, if you do owe taxes and did NOT file your tax return or request an extension by April 15 deadline, you may face interest on any unpaid federal taxes you owe and a failure-to-file penalty. When you file for the extension, you are asked to pay an estimation of your outstanding tax bill. If you don’t cover at least 90% of your taxes due by April 15, the failure-to-pay penalty still applies.
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