What is the contribution limit for the ABLE Account?

What is the contribution limit for the ABLE Account?

The yearly contribution limit is the amount of the annual federal gift tax exclusion, which is currently $14,000.

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    • What is the ABLE act?

      Stands for Achieving a Better Life Experience Act, was signed into law in December 2014. This new provision authorizes any state to offer its residents the option of setting up an ABLE account. The ABLE account allows people with disabilities, and ...
    • Who are eligible for the ABLE Act?

      An individual is eligible for an ABLE account if that person is diagnosed with blindness or a disability prior to their 26th birthday.
    • Are distributions taxable on the ABLE Act?

      Distributions are tax-free as long as they are used to pay qualified disability expenses that relate to the designated beneficiary’s blindness or disability and help that person maintain or improve health, independence and quality of life. For ...
    • What is the age limit on claiming my child as a dependent?

      Your child must be younger than you, and either be younger than 19 years old or be a student under 24 years old as of the end of the calendar year to meet the qualifying child test.
    • Are there tax implications in withdrawing money early from a retirement account?

      Yes, withdrawing money early from a retirement account comes with a 10% tax penalty plus regular income tax on the amount withdrawn.