Live session with Brandon #IRS LETTERS

            I just got a letter (notice) from the IRS. Now what?

            Don't worry, we can help you find out why you got the notice and what, if anything, you need to do next. Just give us a call 

            Common IRS notices

            Here's a list of the most commonly-encountered IRS notices:

            • CP11 means the IRS made adjustments to your return that now result in additional taxes owed.
            • CP14 lets you know that you still owe the IRS unpaid taxes.
            • CP49 informs you that the IRS used part (or all) of your refund to pay off a tax debt.
            • CP21B merely informs you that the IRS has made the requested changes to your return, and that you'll be getting your refund soon.
            • CP503 is a reminder that you still have an unpaid balance on one of your tax accounts.
            • CP504 means the IRS is going to apply your state tax refund to help pay off IRS taxes you still owe.
            • CP2000 simply lets you know that the income or payment info on your return doesn't match IRS records.

            Although the IRS has done a great job in making their correspondence easier to understand, you may still have questions. No worries we'll be glad to help!

            Updated: 27 Oct 2016 07:31 AM
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